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Contact Rev. Brian S. Morgan regarding readings, house blessings, course offerings or any other inquires.

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October 2015 Brian and a few other coven members were ask to be interviewed for CityBeat Magazine on behalf of witchcraft. Read the full interview by Belinda Cai by clicking the link below



Brian was asked to come on the Rocky Boiman show to talk about witchcraft.
Click the link below for the full show



Reverend Brian S. Morgan has been a practitioner of magick for the better part of 25 years. After having a series of psychic experiences off and on from the time he was two years old,  he discovered witchcraft when he was just fourteen and from there began a life long quest for knowledge of the great mysteries.

In 2001 he began studying Rune Magick through the works of Edred Thorsson and later joined the Rune-Gild in 2006 to learn the ways of the All-Father, Odhinn. He is currently part of Kindred Spirits, a Cincinnati based Asatru/ Heathen kindred group in which he served as Thingsman for 3 years. He was also voted in as Lawspeaker for the Ohio Valley Heathen Fellowship for a years duration. Another great event in 2001, he discovered his path towards the Goddess the Morrigan, in which years later he worked, discovered and developed a magickal system devoted solely to her, and that has been his main focus ever since. In 2014 he was initiated as an Osirified Magician after completing a series of Egyptian Priest Ceremonies.

Other areas he has worked with are Celtic witchcraft, ceremonial magick, Enochian Magick, shamanism and Buddhism. Most of his training has been geared toward learning new techniques to strengthen his bond with his mother goddess. He is currently a High Priest of the Coven of the Ancient Dawn, a Celtic based coven devoted to the goddess The Morrigan, operated out of Cincinnati, OH.

Rev. Brian S. Morgan also runs and operates the Ohio Valley Pagan Society, which hosts pagan events and does charity runs. The goal of the organization is to bring pagans together and help fight for pagan rights.

Brian has had several published articles in magazines and has been featured on radio programs.

He currently spends most of his time working on his various art projects, focusing on Theurgy Magick, and raising his 2 daughters.



If you have random questions about any of the above subjects or just need some some answers or information about spirituality, magick, witchcraft, ghosts, runes etc. or if you need someone to talk to about it feel free to send an email and Rev. Morgan will get back to you as soon as he can.

Coven of the Ancient Dawn:

Rev. Morgan is a High Priest of a Coven devoted to the Celtic Goddess the Morrigan. If you would like to inquire about joining send him an email and briefly describe why it is you want to join along with some of your background and magickal studies.

Mediumship & Contact with the Deceased:

Rev. Morgan does not do any type of mediumship or connections with deceased family or loved ones. While he does morn with you over your loss,   he has a strong belief and follows a strict tradition that says you should "Let the Dead Rest." There is usually only about a 2 month window after an individual has passed  that you can still make contact with them. After that it is just a reminiscence of the person you once knew. Work of this kind can open a door to things unwanted in your life like negative entities pretending to be your lost loved one. The only time that he will do any type of work of this nature is for a "haunted house" or house that may have a spirit in it that he will help it to pass on.


If you would like to inquire about Brian Morgan's artwork and/ or commission a piece feel free to visit his Facebook page 

Norse Mysteries: Hand carved Horns and more

You can view some of his work there. or in the Art section of this website.


House Blessings are a little bit different than actually clearing. Normally, a blessing is followed by an actual clearing. A Blessing usually consists of honoring the home to the gods and closing any open doorways to the astral. The after effect will leave your home or dwelling feeling at peace and have a since of safety.
A 'Clearing' is a method or several methods of removing any negative energies or entities or even so called “Demons” from the dwelling. Some methods can be simple while others if necessary can be very complex. In a lot of cases, if a paranormal team or persons have verified a place to be 'haunted' it is then Rev. Morgan's job to come in and clear it. To better explain what this is, here's an example: When you see these paranormal shows or come across paranormal groups, you'll notice most of the time they come in and just verify whether or not a place is haunted and leave it at that. It's like having a doctor examined you for a virus and determine whether or not you have it. After they determine you have a virus then they send you to a surgeon or specialist for treatment or to extract it. Well the paranormal group would be the equivalent to getting diagnosed, Rev. Morgan would be the equivalent of the surgeon or specialist to handle and remove the virus.
Clearings a house that is considered 'haunted' is the same as doing an exorcism. Though the method Rev. Morgan uses is very old and a sacred form of ritual which is very different than what many have seen on main stream TV or have been talked about. He uses a method that is similar to shamanistic techniques with ceremonial aspects to completely remove any malevolent entities. However, it should be noted that the process is very long and could take up to several hours to complete. In some cases, it could be necessary to return several times over the coarse of several days to make sure the negative force can not return.
Something that must be mentioned is, Rev. Morgan's methods are very different from what a demonologist or Catholic priest might do. If the case is serious enough he may have to do several days of fasting, body cleansing and energy building in order to banish the entity. One of the first lessons in Magick is learning how to banish unwanted entities and he has had over 20 years in practicing this and learning different methods of dealing with different types of spirits. He never charges money for this service as he feels it is but a duty he must fulfill as it was with the shamans and mystics of olde who had a duty to their village. Thus, as power is gained one must return their services for receiving the gifts of the gods.


Rev. Morgan has been practicing magick and witchcraft for well over 20 years. He is an experienced ceremonial magician, High Priest of a coven and a Initiated Osirified Magician. He has studied and practiced Enochian Magick, Rune Magick, Shamanism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.
He can teach from the very basics to the advanced. Rev. Morgan can help you with meditation practice, spirit guide communication, Magickal techniques and various other spiritual practices. While he does not charge a monetary fee for teachings, he does ask that you devote and apply yourself to the methods he shares. Focus on one question at a time, focus on one objective at a time. Be still, be silent and be absorbent of knowledge.
If you are interested in becoming a student of magick and learning from him you can contact him here. When asking about applying for lessons give a brief intro about yourself and  why it is you wish to learn about magick, why are you on this path?


Rev. Brian S. Morgan is a licensed minister in the state of Ohio and available to officiate wedding ceremonies. He specializes in Pagan ceremonies and has done several Handfastings and Heathen / Asatru Weddings, he will also do LGBT weddings. He can work with you on customizing your wedding, helping to prepare the ceremony and help on writing your oaths.  This is your special day of love and union and he is here to help make it an amazing memory.


$20 a reading
Rev. Morgan has been practicing Runes for well over 15 years and got most of his training while in the Rune-Gild. He was able to hone his skills in Rune Magick and Seid. He uses the traditional methods of Rune Reading which are unique to the Runes themselves and a bit different than a normal Tarot reading. He is available for personal readings, group parties, and events. In person readings only, no phone services please.


The Mystic Witch

A witch, a mage, a wizard, a mystic. Pick what ever title you would like, Rev. Morgan has devoted his life to spiritual essence, 'the Great Work' and to be closer to his mother goddess the Morrigan. A veteran in the ways of spirit communications and an understanding of things considered mystical. He offers his services to those in need. Some of those services include Spiritual Counseling, Rune Readings, House Blessings, House Clearings and Negative Spirit Banishing, Pagan Wedding Ceremonies, and Magickal Teachings.   
Rev. Morgan is an avid member of the Cincinnati Pagan Community and strives for a continuous unity by hosting and helping local pagan events.
The purpose of this site is to advertise his spiritual services.



Priest of the Goddess The Morrigan
Magick Teacher

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